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Guild Informations

Post by DSofa on Wed Feb 04, 2009 3:46 pm

Balkan Army Guild

Game: Voyage Century Online

Server: Columbus

Merchant Alliance: The Netherland's Merchant's Alliance
HQ Location: Amsterdam

Guild Alliance:  TGE

Allies: Inkwizycja, VoC, RAGE , Belgian_Navy, Clan Hook, Epic, KnightsMalta
Hostiles: none

City: Barcelona
Colony: Alcatraz [917, 816]

Guild Leader: DSofa
Vice Leader: zibc

Director 1: Dovahkiin
Director 2: Toomke
Director 3: Dejan66

Executive Officer 1: War_Head
Executive Officer 2: Dremlock
Executive Officer 3: Nazgul66
Executive Officer 4: El_Macak
Executive Officer 5: ScottieE

Description: Voyage Century Online is our main game. Everyone who can understand our language can join our guild in game.

Official website: Balkan Army

Balkan Army® Crew

Since 8 January 2009. Copyright © All rights reserved by Balkan Army Crew™ 2016.

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